The Enormous Tiny Art Show

The opening for the next Enormous Tiny Art Show (#27) is Friday, March 6, 2020, 5-7pm. The participating artists are:

Alex Louisa
Alfonso Fabrega
Alyssa Cervantes Hallett
Amanda Blake
Amy Brnger
Andrew McIntosh
Bryce Lafferty
Chloe Wilson
Chris Firger
Christina Keith
Dani Ives
Ellen Surrey
Em Randall
Eric Hosford
Erin Gardner
Helen Dealtry
Helen Wilde
Jessica Fields
John Daly
John Garrett Slaby
Jon Ching
JP Neang
Katherine Dunlap
Kathleen Campbell
Kelly Vivanco
Kelsey Oseid
Kent Maxwell
Kiele Gregoire
Kristen Egan
Kristin Texeira
Lesley Frenz
Linda Fahey
Madison Safer
Maggie Chiang
Mark Hoffmann
Mike Howat
Olivia Nelson
Pawena Thimaporn
Sara Boccaccini Meadows
Sarah Winderlin
Stacey Durand
Travis Hetman
Wendy Whatley


Our Enormous Tiny Art show, now in its 11th year, is a year-round exhibition both online and in our gallery, wholeheartedly devoted to showcasing wonderful, irresistible, and entirely original tiny art. The Enormous Tiny Art aim is, and always has been, to give art lovers, whether you're just starting out or adding to an already impressive collection, the ability to acquire original, well-curated, small works of art. 

Hundreds of individual pieces of tiny art, each piece ten by ten inches or smaller and made by artists all over the globe, are available for perusing and purchasing here on our site, and we're regularly adding new artists to our Enormous Tiny Art roster. During our in-house Enormous Tiny Art exhibitions in September and March, even more work of the  diminutive and creative sort is available online and on our gallery walls!
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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in our gallery.  We carefully review everything that is sent to us. Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we are only able to review those that follow these guidelines. 

Please email all submissions to

We do not accept mailed or hand delivered submissions. Send any questions to the email provided above, and please do not call the gallery to inquire about a submission. 

The following items are required for submission:

Please include a link to your website, but please do not send that in lieu of images. We exhibit original artwork only.

Thank you for your interest in showing in the Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta. If we don't feel your work is a good fit for our gallery, we may not personally respond to your email. Please do feel free to resubmit, especially with new bodies of work.