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That joyous thrill of knowing a piece of art belongs to you and will hang on your own wall, acquiring your very first piece of original art, beginning or adding to your art collection with pieces you absolutely adore - these are the experiences we at Nahcotta (home of Enormous Tiny Art) intend to bring to art-loving people everywhere.

When we began this creative venture of Enormous Tiny Art in 2007, it was another long, cold Portsmouth, New Hampshire winter. We'd collected nearly 300 pieces of "tiny" (10" x 10" and smaller) art from artists all over the United States and beyond - all unique, all original, and all knock-your-socks-off outstanding. Our jaws were agape at the breadth of the beauty, the talent, the vivacity of these tiny pieces of art adorning our Nahcotta walls. Amidst these wintry, grey skies and snowy bluffs of New England, we found ourselves smiling. And everyone who walked into Nahcotta found themselves smiling. And it was then that we knew - in addition to Nahcotta's biannual in-house exhibition, the Enormous Tiny Art show was destined to become its own year-round entity. 

Since that remarkable day in 2007, we've sold thousands of original works of art created by hundreds of artists from all over the world, making the Enormous Tiny Art mission to both support independent artists and make art accessible to the public an actual, thriving reality. Our artist list and selection of work online are constantly expanding, and the Enormous Tiny Art site is always open for you to peruse and purchase. 

We hope you find the enormous collection of tiny art as inspiring, stupendous, and wonderful as we do. Viva la tiny art!

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