Stephanie K. Clark

Stephanie K. Clark was born in Portland, Oregon. Her family later moved to a farm in the small town of Urbana, Missouri where she grew up. Stephanie got her BFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Utah; where she graduated Fall of 2011. She discovered her love for working with embroidery and thread drawings (drawing with her sewing machine) and held on tight. Her background in painting has allowed her to explore the material using techniques from the worlds of drawing and painting. She considers herself a painter who paints with thread. Her work is an ode and influenced by the worlds of tapestry and her love for craft. Using thread instead of oils has allowed her to bring new purpose to the painting process. Her work blurs the lines between fine art and craft. She likes to think she can reclaim the word “craft” which contains the idea of an unusual frame of knowledge passed down from generations and by engaging inherited domestic practices in new ways. Stephanie is currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband/Sculptor Artist Robin Clark and her two children.