Sandra Apperloo

Sandra Apperloo is the founder of; a fun and ambitious blog devoted to share daily inspirations from the art world. She spends lots of time at events and on the web to look for new creations by makers that inspire her. She also loves to look for inspiration abroad; this spring she traveled Japan to meet her favorite artists and illustrators for her international blog project and she will be making some new creative encounters in Mexico next year. 

Q. Why do you think purchasing original art is important? 
A. Staring an image image that appeals is a wonderful experience. It can make you happy, nostalgic, sad, drift away on little dreamy adventures or just leave you thoughtless and focused on nothing but the beautiful painting. Whatever the experience is, I think it is more powerful when the piece you're looking at is original. There are more structures and details to absorb which makes the image more intense and the artist more admirable. I'm always a little honored when I put the work of another creative up on my own wall. 

Q. What are a few of your favorite pieces of art that you own?. 
A. There is one piece in particular that stands out for me: an original painting by Naomi Okubo; one of my favorite artists, based in Japan. Naomi offered it to me as a present when I visited her at her home studio in Tokyo for my blog. That gift made me feel pretty special! It's framed in my living room and brings back many beautiful memories of my trip to Japan. Naomi uses many colors in her work. To experiment, she creates several little try-out paintings which she works out in detail. So the painting she gave me is actually a sketch of an original, but it's gorgeous nevertheless.. 

Q. What is your favorite social media platform for finding artists to feature and why? 
A. I spend lots of time looking for inspiration on Instagram. There are so many creatives that share their work on there. What makes Instagram most interesting for me is that I've come across many beginning artists that don't really have websites or other social media networks yet. For example, I got super-excited when I stumbled upon the paintings of South Korean artist Someyoung Lee. Instagram is a pretty amazing place to make unique discoveries. And it's addictive too...