John Daly

Jail Branch IX

acrylic on panel

7.5" x 9.5"

framed to 8" x 10.25"




John J. Daly was born in New Hampshire and holds degrees from the University of New Hampshire and Brown University. His work investigates the reciprocity between past and contemporary economic activities and the natural landscape through both artistic and historical frameworks. He first obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and has exhibited artwork in Massachusetts and New Hampshire galleries. His paintings employ the tools of Abstract Expressionism to extrapolate from the essential formal structures of historic engineered landscapes. He then earned a Master's degree in American Civilization, and has been employed in the field of historic preservation for the past eleven years while continuing his artistic work. He has evaluated historic landscapes, buildings, and structures owned by the National Park Service, branches of the U.S. armed forces, Amtrak, state governments, and private corporations in the eastern United States. Through photographs and narratives, Mr. Daly has recorded hundreds of manufacturing, scientific research, transportation, and national defense properties and has completed documentations that are housed in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC; the National Park Service; and various states' archives. He currently lives and works in Massachusetts.

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