Amy Ng

Amy Ng is an art and design magazine editor turned illustrator; who currently teaches at The One Academy, Malaysia on topics about creativity and illustration. As a self-taught artist, she regularly writes on the topic of entrepreneurship, illustration and creativity; deciphering clues and shedding light on the intersection between them. She keeps a blog at where she experiments with her ideas, and it's also where she organizes projects with artists and illustrators around the world. 

Q: When did you decide to do what you do full-time? 
A: I realized that I had to give my dreams a shot when I was an editor of an art and design magazine. I was already working on the blog during my spare time, and while it all began as a self-learning initiative, it became a lot bigger than just myself when I started to organize projects with artists all over the world. I left my stable job not because I was convinced that I could earn a better living at showing up on Pikaland full time, but it was just something that made me excited to wake up to everyday. I'm currently a creative consultant for a PR firm and an adjunct lecturer as well. I'm really lucky because I now get to choose which jobs to take on, and I'm mainly only taking on assignments that would help me grow alongside Pikaland. 

Q: When did you buy your first piece of original art? 
A: Oh wow, my first piece was by Heather Smith Jones, and it was a small piece entitled "You Turn Rain into Rainbows" in 2008. 

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give any other entrepreneur or artist, what would it be? 
A: I could go on and on about this! But if I had to say just one thing – it's that it's important to not just follow what others are doing. While I encourage my students to follow and even trace the steps of masters or their idols to find out how they got to where they are, I also tell them that it's very important to step away from Pinterest, or Facebook and have more conversations with themselves about what they love, what they want to say, and what sort of causes do they want to champion. It's easy to lose yourself with all the noise surrounding us, and continually asking these sort of questions will help guide their journey. I find that it also helps to reduce unnecessary pressure to measure themselves against other people's standards. 

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