Clare James

Clare James is an artist who lives and practices in the small town of Healesville in Victoria, Australia. James has a background in Drawing (graduated from Victorian College of Arts) and a passion for painting with watercolour but in recent years her practice has become more sculptural. She is intrigued by the natural world. Her paintings and 3D works reference the observations that she makes daily in her garden and in local forests. In her art practice she attempts to captures the intricacies, complex cycles and beauty of the world around her.

Her recent body of work ‘Displaced’ comprises of a collection of slugs in the process of moving away to another life. Shelters have been created for comfort, protection and as a disguise. Materials for their ‘shells’ were gathered from roadsides, creek beds, rubbish bins and walking tracks. These discarded objects are left behind from other lives now coming together to create a little refuge from the troubles of the world.